Consumers today demand a ubiquitous "anywhere, anytime, any device" media experience. With an installed base and rapidly growing market of billions of internet protocol (IP) enabled display devices encompassing tablets, smart phones, game consoles and connected smart TVs, pay-TV service providers see a tremendous opportunity to significantly reduce much dreaded capital spending by moving away from their traditional business model of one set-top box per TV. The new model embraces the gateway centric solution and enables the dream of a connected home by leveraging the intelligence and upgradeability of IP connected devices. However, this poses significant challenges and complexity as content is broadcast in formats which are not supported on many IP devices. With over 100 million pay-TV subscribers in the US alone, this paradigm shift represents a significant market opportunity for new silicon to address these challenges.

Zenverge was founded with the premise of solving these problems by creating a new class of "Content Networking ICs" that bridge broadcast content to IP enabled devices. Our revolutionary TransAll™ technology was developed from the ground up to enable any content to be distributed with a high quality of service and adapted into the capabilities of target devices. In addition, we decided early on that in order to truly realize the gateway model, our technology needed to support processing of HD content for multiple devices in a single, cost effective IC. As a result, Zenverge ICs were the first in the industry to achieve quad-stream HD transcoding and have thus become the preferred content networking solution for pay-TV service providers and manufacturers of Gateways, Media Streamers, TVs, Blu-Ray players, MediaNAS devices and other sources of content worldwide.

Zenverge was founded in January 2006 with headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley. The team consists of industry veterans with a track record of developing cutting edge video compression algorithms, building advanced media and network processors, and enabling the world's top service providers and consumer electronics manufacturers to bring innovative solutions to market. In addition, Zenverge is backed by venture capital and industry heavyweights who understand the company's vision to enable pay-TV operators to re-invent their business models in order to capitalize the ever-growing trend of consuming content from multiple sources on multiple screens.