The Zenverge ZN180 is a dual stream advanced content networking system-on-chip (SoC) that can transcode up to two streams simultaneously to enable the next generation digital media devices to support many transcoding functions with its powerful TransAll™ transcoding engine. It also enables high quality HD/SD encoding and supports many applications on its powerful host processor. As a fast time to market solution, the ZN180 comes with a very well defined software development kit which includes datasheet, schematics, BOM, programming manual and software source code.


  • Dual Stream HD Transcoder SOC
  • Multi-format video encode and transcode engine
    • H.264 up to L4.2@HP, MPEG-2 up to HL@MP
    • Transcoding - MPEG2 <--> H.264
    • Transrating - HD bitrates or lower
    • Transcaling - HD resolutions or lower
  • Multi-format audio encoder and transcoder
  • Transcryption of CA/DRM
  • Multiple system interfaces


  • Support next generation of operator required headed and headless gateways for streaming to multiple tablets/smartphones, Sync-n-Go and storage efficiency applications
  • Upgrade existing Multi-room DVRs to support streaming to tablets/Smartphones using an external Adaptor Module
  • Enable Consumer Electronics manufacturers to offer storage efficiency on Blu-Ray Recorders, DVRs and DTVs
  • Create the next generation of media NAS and media hub devices to allow any product to consume content from any source