The Zenverge ZN200 is the world's most advanced quad stream content networking system-on-chip (SoC) that can transcode up to four HD streams simultaneously with the least amount of DDR memory of any part in the market today. The ZN200 enables next generation digital media devices to support many transcoding functions with its powerful TransAll™ transcoding engine. It also enables high quality HD/SD encoding and supports many applications on its powerful host processor. As a fast time to market solution, the ZN200 comes with a very well defined software development kit which includes datasheet, schematics, BOM, programming manual and software source code.


  • Quad Stream HD Transcoder SOC or Co-processor
  • Multi-format video encode and transcode engine
    • H.264 up to L4.2@HP, MPEG-2 up to HL@MP
    • Transcoding - MPEG2 <--> H.264
    • Transrating - HD bitrates or lower
    • Transcaling - HD resolutions or lower
  • Multi-format audio encoder and transcoder
  • Transcryption of CA/DRM
  • Multiple system interfaces


  • Support next generation of operator required headed and headless gateways for streaming to multiple tablets/smartphones, Sync-n-Go and storage efficiency applications
  • Upgrade existing Multi-room DVRs to support streaming to tablets/Smartphones using an external Adaptor Module
  • Enable Consumer Electronics manufacturers to offer storage efficiency on Blu-Ray Recorders, DVRs and DTVs
  • Create the next generation of media NAS and media hub devices to allow any product to consume content from any source