TransAll Transcoding

Zenverge's multistream TransAll™ transcoding is the core technology in our Content Networking ICs to truly enable the connected home. The technology provides four essential benefits for the next generation of products from major service operators and consumer electronics manufacturers.

Tablets and Smart-Phone Support

TransAll™ enables support broadcast content to tablets, smart phones and IP clients that have video format, resolution and bitrate limitations. TransAll transcoding is also an ideal solution to transcode content from H.264 back to MPEG2 to support legacy set-top boxes.

Storage Efficiency

TransAll™ transcoding provides the ability to store 5-15 times more content on storage devices such as hard-disk drives, memory sticks and nand flash devices by converting MPEG2 into H.264. TransAll™ transcoding is an ideal solution for multi-room DVRs where costly main stream hard disk drives provide inadequate storage for multiple users.

Video QoS

TransAll™ transcoding is an ideal solution for providing video QoS in hostile IP networks where interference reduces network bandwidth. TransAll™ transcoding allows the video bitrate and resolution to be adjusted on a per frame basis. This process ensures the video bitrate is always less than the network bandwidth, providing a stutter free viewing experience.

Highspeed Processing

TransAll™ transcoding allows for high-speed transcoding of content for sync-n-go, fit to disk and fast media processing applications. A one hour video stream can be processed in 4-5 minutes with all the TransAll transcoding functions enabled.

TransAll Functions

TransFormat(Codec Conversion)
TransRate(Bitrate Reduction)
TransScale(Resolution Reduction)
TransWrap(Container Format)
TransZip(Highspeed Transcoding)
TransCopy(Transcode 2+ Outputs from 1Input)
TransQoS(Frame-by-Frame Conversion)
TransCrypt(Secure Content to New DRM)
TransAll ™ provides eight functions for transcoding. Please select a function for further details.
Multimedia content comes in a variety of video and audio compression formats. TransFormat allows converting between these different formats
Multimedia content is compressed at a certain bitrate. TransRate allows reducing the bitrate further
Multimedia content can be in different video resolutions. TransScale allows adjusting the resolution
Multipmedia content is streamed in a variety of containers and using different streaming frameworks such as DLNA, HTTP Live Streaming, TS transport, etc.
Allows processing content much faster than real time. It can be used for the synchronization of content into portable devices to be consumed on the go.
Multimedia content may need to be streamed or copied into multiple destinations with different Audio/Video requirements. TransCopy allows performing this one input to many outputs
Monitors the available bandwidth in a hostile network and feeds the information back to adjust the bitrate and resolution for smooth video playback
Multimedia content is broadcasted or streamed using different Conditional Access (CA) or Digital Right Management (DRM) schemes. TransCrypt allows the conversion between different CA and DRM schemes