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100 Hilarious Roomba Names You Will Surely Love

By Robert Saenger


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I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of Roombas! Especially in these last couple of years, they literally took over the world. They were here way before the pandemic, but they became even more popular last year when the lockdowns hit and we all had to spend a lot more time home. But, if you lived under a rock until now, here’s what a Roomba is.

Roombas are robotic vacuum devices guided by sensors that go alone around the house and clean up the dust and dirt, while also interacting accidentally with your furniture or pets. But people do not see these vacuums as just machines. They are naming them and treating them more like pets than tools.

Some people appreciate these little helpers so much that they’ve created brands with clothes for these robots, coming in different shapes and sizes, with funny models that bring them to life.  It’s doubt why this robotic vacuum gained so much popularity. It is not only surprisingly cute but also incredibly efficient.

Roombas are also so easy to use: you just push one button, and they’ll clean all types of surfaces. They are small and save you so much time.

In this article, we will discuss various matters regarding the innovating vacuum. You will discover the best Roomba models, how to change their names, and we will provide you with 100 hilarious name ideas for the small machine.

The Best Roombas Right Now


But there are so many vacuum models that seem to work well! How can we choose one? Do not worry, we have a short list of the best Roombas for you, considering the price and the features they offer.

1. iRobot Roomba 960


This model combines a conventional price with high quality. It has a dust bin capacity of 600 ml, and it can easily pair with Alexa or Google Assistant. Pet owners prefer this type because it has a rubber brush system that cleans animal hair. While there are other Roombas with that attachment, this particular one generally has a more favorable price, ranging between $400 and $500.

The average cleaning time is 75 minutes, and the Roomba is so ingenious that it will go to recharge on its own when the battery is low. When the devices reach their capacity, they will send you an alert.

If you have a small house or an apartment, this vacuum is the best for you, as it has a short battery life, and in the bigger homes, it might take a long time cleaning due to its charging pauses. It adapts smoothly from one type of floor to another, but carpets might give it some struggles, as it does not have a carpet boost like other Roombas.

Overall, even though it might miss a few features from other newer models, it is surely worth the acquisition.

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2. iRobot Roomba i7+


The Roomba i7+ comes with an attachment that others before it didn’t have, and that is iRobot Clean Base, a self-emptying dustbin built into the charging spot. The bag has to be replaced only after 30 runs, and it is a blessing for those with dust allergies, as they don’t have to get in contact with it too often.

Another advantage of this model is its ability to avoid specific objects. It cleans in one area. Then it changes the angle to dodge crashing into the fixed barriers.

As with most Roombas, this one comes with an app, where you can program the cleaning and modify your floor plan. It works incredibly well in conjunction with Braava jet m6, which will start moping when the vacuum is done with its job.

In conclusion, this model benefits from excellent navigation and a Clean Base that is surprisingly easy to clear, which is an aid for those with back issues. It is a fast cleaner, but also a fast pocket-emptier. Additionally, the clean base might be too loud for children or older people.

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3. iRobot Roomba 675


While it has a smaller capacity of only 350 ml and offers no mapping, iRobot Roomba 675 has many advantages too. If you are not looking for the most intelligent gadget around and you want a vacuum that will help you clean without your assistance, then there is no reason to avoid buying this model.

It is still wi-fi connected and it’s compatible with the Roomba app, meaning that you can schedule cleanings and even set up some virtual walls. However, you might need to move it from one room to another. Also, if you have pets, you probably have to take into consideration that this Roomba is helpful for pet litter but it’s not excellent for pet hair.

This vacuum only takes about three hours to fully charge, and you can let it work at any time of the day, as it is not noisy or annoying. Compared to a normal vacuum, it is actually quiet.

For those on a budget, Roomba 675 is definitely the ideal cleaning device.

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4. iRobot Roomba s9+


If you are ready to pay up to $1,000 for a vacuum, then you are in the right place. This Roomba model might be one of the most expensive ones, but it also has some of the best features that iRobot ever invented. The design is brand new, and the way it cleans is simply astonishing.

It avoids specific areas that don’t need cleaning to focus more on those that are dirtier. It has a self-emptying dustbin, which helps us avoid the dust. Additionally, this robot will not struggle to clean your corners.

Compatible with the iRobot app, you can program the Roomba, and you can also restrict its access in different areas. The robot supports up to 10 maps and can pair with the Braava jet m6. Pet owners will also love this machine, as it cleans cat litter like no other and picks up hairs.

The only disadvantages of this cleaning device are the price and the noise. It can be pretty loud, especially on hard-wood floors and when it is cleaning the bin.

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5. iRobot Roomba i3+


If you don’t want to pay a fortune on a vacuum, but you also cannot stand touching the dust, then this is the perfect design for you. The Roomba i3+ offers excellent cleaning services, coming with a self-emptying feature. It is compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa and the iRobot app.

It is not recommended for pet lovers because it is not the best model for cleaning hairs from your carpets. This model has an average battery life of 90 minutes.

The robot also detects dirtier areas and focuses on cleaning them instead of losing battery on pretty clean floors. It does not have a mapping feature, and you should also consider the loud base, which might not be suitable for babies.

Although large, the clean base is this robot’s most solid advantage. The company claims that the disposable vacuum bag traps 99% of pollen and mould. Impressive, right?

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6. iRobot Roomba e5


While it is just a little bit more expensive than other models, such as the Roomba 675, this cool robot is able to clean pet hairs like the most advanced designs and has a suction power five times bigger than its mentioned sibling.

You will also notice that the robot is surprisingly ingenious. The sensors will keep it from bumping into the walls or fall down the stairs. It slows the pace if there is something that it might slam into.

Its aspect is modest, but that doesn’t mean its performance is, too. Roomba e5 can actually clean at regular intervals and works with other smart devices such as Alexa and Google Assistant, but also with the iRobot app. It is advantageous for homes with a lower budget, but a lot of cleaning needed.

This Roomba’s best feature is, however, its hair cleaning abilities, being able to pick up that fur that will get stuck to your carpets like glue.

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How (and why) to change your Roomba’s name

Romba App

Changing your Roomba’s name is pretty simple. You have to access the iRobot HOME app on your smartphone or tablet. Get through “More”, “Settings”, then “Robot Name”. Write the name and simply save the changes. Make sure your mobile device and vacuum are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Your Roomba usually pairs with home assistants such as Alexa or Google Assistant. If you are using these devices to command your robot, do not worry about the changes. You can use the new name, and the systems will immediately recognize it.

There are no limits to naming your vacuum. It can contain number, letters and special characters. The Robot’s name can be as smutty, long, or intricate as you wish. However, we do not recommend giving your vacuum something too complicated, such as “Woa45T!iU390”, because you will probably not remember it, and your home assistants will have difficulties getting it right.

Also, avoid names that contain things you command a lot to your smart home assistants because they will get confused, and instead of ordering your Robot, they will start playing a song or order from your favourite restaurant.

Overall, changing the name of your robotic vacuum is quite fun. You might find yourself laughing out loud at how ridiculous some names may sound. You can play how much you want with the different nicknames, but at the end of the day, you should choose something that, besides being funny, it is also easy to remember and pronounce.

The best Roomba Names

The best Roomba Names

If your imagination is not big enough to come up with a creative sobriquet, we have created a list of 100 hilarious Roomba names. Some of them are entertaining and expressly chosen for brightening up your day. Others are serious names that you can use to call your vacuum. Let’s start.

    1. Jerry. Remember that naughty mouse running from Tom? Well, if you have a cat and he’s actually named Tom, you will always be part of frequent episodes of “Tom and Jerry” from now on.
    2. Marvin.
    3. Groot.
    4. Roblox, just like the game.
    5. Marilyn Monrobot.
    6. Cat Car.
    7. Nimbus.
    8. Felix.
    9. Pluto. If you think about it, the Robot resembles the small planet.
    10. Cleanardo Di Caprio. The vacuum will transform your house into some sort of cleaning movie scene!
    11. Dustbin Bieber. We are sorry, Justin, but you were an easy target.
    12. Basil Brush.
    13. Bob. The simplest name to remember.
    14. Buzz.
    15. Pet Hair Eater.
    16. Dusty. Such a suggestive name for a vacuum.
    17. Consuela. She was the cleaning lady from “The Family Guy”.
    18. Will Smiff.
    19. Dirt Breath.
    20. Fifi.
    21. Roombus.
    22. Rosie. Remember The Jetsons? Rosie was the robotic made that a whole generation loved.
    23. Edith.
    24. Madonna.
    25. Jay-Z.
    26. Hagrid.
    27. Minion. The small machine looks so much like the creature. It only needs a yellow costume to complete the look.
    28. Blessing. For some of us, a Roomba is a genuine gift from God. Time is so limited these days, and having something clean for you while you’re away is so liberating.
    29. Dexter.
    30. Jervis, from Ironman.
    31. Hairy. The vacuum always gets hair stuck to it.
    32. Willy Roomba, from Willy Wonka, the figure from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. The character was hilarious with his extravagant style and crazy ideas.
    33. Yoda, for Star Wars fans.
    34. Dust Hater.
    35. Gandalf. Just like “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the rings” character who was a wizard, the Roomba is magic because it makes the dust disappear.
    36. Dusteto, from “X-Men” Magneto, but it controls dust.
    37. Alfred, remember the man that supported Batman throughout his life? That is how much of a helper is the little machine.
    38. Thor.
    39. Pickle, just because everyone loves pickles.
    40. Coco.
    41. Roomie. The Roomba also becomes your roommate, your friend and your weird pet.
    42. Dino.
    43. Kato.
    44. Mugsy.
    45. Wall-E. You must remember Disney’s favourite cleaning robot.
    46. Hal.
    47. K-9. This robot belonged to Doctor Who.
    48. Hazel.
    49. Bestie.
    50. Moon Pie.
    51. Pumba.
    52. Snoop Boop.
    53. Rombastic.
    54. Carson.
    55. Kitt, talking car from Knight Rider.
    56. Sir Scrubsalot.
    57. Lurch, from “The Addams Family”.
    58. Austin.
    59. Dobby, male house-elf who served the Malfoy family and helped Harry Potter;
    60. The Dude.
    61. Smarty, without any sign of joke, Roombas are a clever invention that revolutionized the whole cleaning processes and came in handy for all of those who were too busy to vacuum manually.
    62. Wanda.
    63. Black.
    64. Metal Man.
    65. Rory.
    66. Rin Tin Tin.
    67. Houdini, On the same page as Gandalf, Houdini implies Roombas capacity of making dust and dirt disappear magically.
    68. Robofeet.
    69. The Janitor.
    70. Mo, the well-known robot
    71. Mega Made.
    72. Cinderella, Before turning into a princess, Cinderella was treated like a servant.
    73. Megatron, from “Transformars”.
    74. Eve, partner of Wall-E.
    75. Dj Roomba.
    76. Bino Eyes.
    77. Sonic, especially if you have a fast-cleaning robot.
    78. Spotless.
    79. Gollum.
    80. Otto.
    81. Atom, inspired by the star of “Real Steel”.
    82. Vision, from Marvel’s most loved team, Avengers.
    83. The Tin Man, cute robot from “The Wizard of Oz” who truly wants a heart.
    84. Magda, the name of the housekeeper from “Sex and The City”.
    85. Igor, The butler of Doctor Frederick Frankenstein.
    86. Riff Raff.
    87. Morgan Cleenman.
    88. Ceclean Dion.
    89. The Dirtinator.
    90. Cookie monster.
    91. J-Lo, she also played a maid in “Maid in Manhattan”.
    92. Winston.
    93. Smoke.
    94. Han Solo.
    95. Beetlejuice.
    96. Linus Cleanus.
    97. Geronimo.
    98. Hubby Scrubby.
    99. Buck Wheat.
    100. Doogie Bowser.

    iRobot Roomba

    Many people find naming a machine something weird or unnecessary, but the reality is that such a simple activity can bring so much joy for the owners.

    Now more than ever, we need to interact and socialize, but we also have to keep our distance to protect ourselves. Having something to talk to, even though it cannot understand or talk back, is comforting and helps us release so much pressure and anxiety. Loneliness is why some people consider their Roomba to be a pet. It is an intelligent and interactive tool, making it very easy for us to find a friend in it.

    Naming the machine creates even a stronger attachment, which means that a mistake that could destroy the robot would make the owners sad just like they lost a companion. Therefore, you need to take good care of your Roomba.

    Remember to look under it for any stuck hair or food that could potentially harm its functioning. You should also wash the main brush (if the manual advises you to) at least once a month to avoid an accumulation of dirt. Do not forget that most models can have their brushes changed when they become too worn out.

    Finally, even if you do not feel attached to your vacuum, try keeping it clean to honour the money you paid for it. We all know that Roombas are not the cheapest cleaning devices on the market, and there is no reason to pay again if you can prevent accidents.

    Choosing the perfect Roomba for you and its name might be a complex and long process, but it is definitely worth it. You win both an assistant and a friend. It cleans up your floors while listening without complaining about your problems.

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